Soft Washing Services: An Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Soft Washing Services

Revitalise your home’s exterior with eco-friendly soft washing services from Bullseye Cleaning Services in Melbourne. Contact us for effective cleaning!

Over time, your home’s exterior surfaces inevitably get dirty from weather, pollution, mould, mildew and other grime. While pressure washing is an option, an eco-friendlier solution is soft washing. Offered by specialised service providers like Bullseye Cleaning Services, soft washing effectively cleans exterior surfaces using biodegradable chemicals and low-pressure water. This gentle process lifts away dirt and contaminants without damaging building materials.

Differences Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing

Pressure washing utilises powerful blasts of water to scrub surfaces clean. PSI levels typically range from 500 to 4000. While effective, it carries risks. High-pressure water can damage delicate materials like wood, brick and natural stone. It also drives contaminants deeper into the substrate, hindering cleaning. The loud noise and splashing water disturb neighbours.

Soft washing employs low-pressure water, around 600 PSI or less. Specialised detergents tailored to the surface help lift away grime. The compounds break down stubborn dirt and stains without harsh scrubbing. Soft washing is safe and effective for all exterior surfaces. The quiet process won’t disturb neighbours either.

What are the Benefits of Soft Washing Services

Hiring professional soft washing services offers five key benefits:

•  Gentle on Surfaces: Soft washing is a gentle yet highly effective cleaning method that removes dirt and grime. It also prevents damage to delicate surfaces like paint, stucco, and siding, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your property’s exterior.

•  Effective Cleaning: Soft washing combines low-pressure water and specialised cleaning solutions. This effective method safely removes dirt, mould, mildew, and other contaminants from surfaces without causing damage.

•  Long-lasting Results: Soft washing delivers enduring cleanliness, ensuring that your home’s exterior remains beautiful and intact for an extended period. This eco-friendly method effectively removes dirt, grime, and contaminants, preserving the aesthetics and structural integrity of your property.

•  Eco-Friendly: Soft washing employs environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning solutions that pose no harm to the ecosystem or your loved ones. This eco-conscious approach ensures a safe and sustainable cleaning process, promoting both environmental responsibility and family well-being.

•  Prevents Damage: Soft washing effectively eliminates mould and mildew, safeguarding your property against potential structural deterioration and extending the longevity of its exterior surfaces. This proactive approach to maintenance not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also contributes to its overall structural integrity and value.

Applications of Soft Washing

Soft washing can clean virtually all external surfaces safely and effectively:

•  Residential Properties – Homeowners often use soft washing on siding, stucco, decks, fences, driveways and roofing. Signs of mould, mildew and general dirt will disappear. Soft washing rejuvenates a home’s appearance affordably.

•  Commercial Buildings – Business owners rely on soft washing to keep storefronts and offices looking pristine. The versatile method cleans bricks, concrete, glass and more. Soft washing prepares surfaces for new protective coatings as well.

•  Historic Structures – Soft washing is a gentle exterior cleaning choice for historic homes, monuments and edifices. The low-pressure water and controlled detergents clean thoroughly without damaging fragile original materials.

Next time your Melbourne home or business needs exterior cleaning, choose the eco-friendly soft washing experts at Bullseye Cleaning Services. Our certified technicians and biodegradable detergents will lift away dirt and grime without risking damage that can occur from harsh pressure washing. For sparkling clean building exteriors, rely on us to help restore your property’s maximum curb appeal.

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